Dedicated Server Overview & Download

The TrackMania dedicated server is a command-line based tool created by Nadeo for running Internet and LAN game servers on both Linux and Windows. The dedicated server is highly customizable via a server configuration file and a match settings file, as well as its XML-RPC port.

This port accepts commands (methods) to control a large number of server features and request settings and information, and also issues events (callbacks) to signal things happening on the server. Static lists of the callbacks for TMF and for TM² as well as dynamic, searchable lists of the methods for TMF and for TM² are available in this section.

External server controllers use the XML-RPC port to provide a wide variety of additional features, often via custom plugins, from simple chat messages to local records, player ranks, and track jukeboxing to sophisticated user interfaces, voting systems, multi-tier admin support, and much more. Controllers are usually written in PHP, but there are also projects in other languages such as C++, Java and .NET.

The dedicated server exists in several generations of which three are in active use:
Linux init.d scripts to control server start-up and shut-down can be found on this site for TMF and for TM², along with links to server resources such as further tutorials.

For more background and historical information on the dedicated server, see this TM-Wiki article [].
Last updated: 2023-07-06